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Mr. Frank Ngalande, a member of Faculty of Commerce and Management of MAGU hosted a public lecture on the 12th of April 2019 at the Sheaffer Hall within MAGU Campus. This follows a recent Public Lecture that was hosted by Mr. Andrew Salima of the Faculty of Education in the previous month. These lectures are efforts by the Lecturers in line with the university’s policy to inspire, empower and instill a sense of purpose and leadership in the general public for the benefit of the Nation. The public lecture titled “Cities as Engines of Malawi’s economic growth”, revolved around sharing insights on the potential that cities have regarding their contribution to economic growth. At the center of the lecture was the acknowledgment of state and non state actors on various development initiatives in the country. In addition, the lecture also provided an opportunity to stimulate minds to begin questioning development efforts and planning economic growth. Mr. Frank Ngalande is a distinguished lecturer in the Faculty of Commerce and Management with the following academic credentials; MSc Mgt – Merit (UK), DipM CIM (UK), BBA (MW). At MAGU, he is a lecturer in following courses; Marketing Management Fundamentals of Marketing, E-Marketing and Social Media Marketing. The invited guests who were part of the audience in this auspicious lecture were; Mrs. Mercy Dube who is the Director of Urban Development in the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and her team. From the African Development Bank there was Miss. Vera Kintu Oling. The Lecture was also patronized by MAGU Deputy Vice Chancellor, The Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Management staff from administration, other faculties and the student body. In his remarks, MAGU Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Nkhoma, conveyed his congratulations for the excellent presentation and was happy with how it was well researched and presented. He further said that MAGU is therefore committed to have more of these public lectures to further knowledge sharing beyond the campus. For more information an abstract of the lecture is available on the link below.