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New Student Council

MAGU students on Friday the 30th of November, 2018 went to the polls to vote in power a new student Council. Candidates went a competitive campaign, with some handing out various items to prospective voters with the aim of securing votes for the positions their aspired for. The campaign was so intense with some candidates making forming alliances to increase their chances of winning. One alliance sponsored a soccer tournament played with a “Chikulunga” soccer ball (ball made from Plastic Bags) and winners walked away with MK 11,000. The elections were peaceful with no grievances expressed from all monitors and candidates. The turnout of voters was very impressive and displayed a sense of patriotism towards MAGU student body and its wellbeing. Voters were first verified through a pre-prepared list with names of all eligible students to vote. If a name was not verified through an Identity Card a student could not Vote. The next step involved marking of the thumb with ink to visibly indicate a voter to have participated in the voting process. Voters then were collecting voting cards with all candidates on the cards, marked their choice and then place the ballot paper in the appropriate ballot boxes. The MAGU electoral commission made sure that the elections were free and fair. Each candidate appointed monitors to observe the voting process. The monitors made sure those that were not eligible to vote did not vote. It was also the duty of monitors to make sure that voters were not enticed by candidates whilst in the polling station in observance of the closure of the campaign period. The votes were counted and the results were as follows; President – Austin Mvula Vice President – Mtisunge Mkikiki Phiri Financial Controller – Daniel Chikankabe General Secretary – Asante Chimgoga Administrative Secretary – Chigomezgo Harawa Executive Officer – Walusungu Gondwe Publicity Secretary – Sammy Mdunga Entertainment Director– Vitumbiko Banda Sports Director – Maxwell Jabili Hostel Director– Nelson Mangala Phiri Catering Director – Chakufwa Mwansinga Health and Sanitation Director – Yamikani Kamalo Director of Women’s Affairs – Mercy Katukumala We convey congratulations for the new President and his Council.