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MAGU Prayer Night

On the 6th of September 2019, MAGU Entertainment hosted a Prayer Day at the Sheaffer Chapel at MAGU Campus. The prayer night was spearheaded by the slogan “Press on with Jesus, No Reverse, No More Reproach”. The prayer days was graced by Rev Nick Chakwera who is the Senior Pastor of “Gilga”- The College Church. The Day was not just about prayer, it was also a time to be ministered to by various music artists from within MAGU and Outside. The main artists of the day were the Great Angels and they performed some of their best muscial compositions. The Great Angels where supported by other artists namely; Artist Max, Isaiah, Noxy Saint, MAGU Praise Team and Gilgal Praise Team. The prayer Day is one of MAGU’s prized tradition that take place at the beginning of each semester. Being a Christian University, MAGU believe that seeking counsel and guidance from God as a semester begins is of paramount importance.